First hand account of McDonald's Semi wreck

First hand account of McDonald's Semi wreck
Dozens of responders were called to the scene of a wreck at the intersection of Amarillo Blvd. and Pierce St Tuesday night, where officials say a semi-truck crashed into McDonald's.

Seven people were sent to the hospital, but officials say none had life-threatening injures.

On Wednesday,  NewsChannel 10 spoke with some of the workers at T-Miller Wrecker, the company who was responsible for removing the semi from the building.

David Ferril says he spent most of the night and into the early morning working to remove the truck from the building.

"I think we finished on scene around 5:00 this morning," he told us.

Most of the time he says was spent working hand and hand with the fire department to remove the semi that had crashed through the restaurant.  

"You couldn't tell what things were, you just knew what they were from being inside the store," he said. And based on the damage he saw, Ferril added that he was surprised no one was seriously injured. 

"The way the tractor trailer was, it was all the way through where the counters are where you order your food," he said.

But, with the help of several wreckers and tow trucks, Ferril and his team were able to successfully remove the semi-truck.

"We actually up-righted the tractor trailer in the building and then brought it out under the same whole he had been through."

However, Ferril says it would not have been possible without the teamwork from everyone else who was on scene.

"There were a lot of groups but it seemed to flow really well. There was a lot of communication going on between all of the groups and everybody was aware of everything that was going on," he said.

When we reached out to McDonald's we were told the company is sending crews from Dallas to assess the damage before a decision is made regarding the status of the building.