Online pet buying scams affecting area residents

Online pet buying scams affecting area residents

Amarillo, TX - The local Better Business Bureau encourages everyone to be cautious when buying a puppy, especially when purchasing one online.

The BBB wants everyone to do their research when buying a puppy online, or else they could find themselves out of a lot of money like one area resident.

"I was on Facebook looking through (the) Amarillo Trading Post when I came across a posting for Siberian Husky Puppies for free," said Jesus Maldonado who is a Hereford resident. "I told her I would like to take two, and then she stated her husband was in the hospital and she needed help with the puppies because it was too expensive to take them with her."

Maldonado then sent her $200 to ship the puppies to Hereford.

But when he never received them he called the pet agency she was working with and they asked him to send another $500 for crate and vaccination costs, it was then he became suspicious and discovered it was a scam.

"I told them I wasn't going to send them anymore money and I would like my money back and they just haven't gotten to me anymore," Maldonado said.

The Better Business Bureau warns that puppy scams are not that uncommon especially now that the weather is getting warmer and more puppies are being born.

"A lot of research, a lot of questions need to be asked especially if you are doing this online, are you really going to get that puppy in the mail or shipped to you and how difficult or expensive is that shipping going to be," said Janna Kiehl who is the CEO of the Amarillo Better Business Bureau.

As for Maldonado, he says he was just trying to be a good citizen.

"I just felt like I got robbed, pretty much, for free puppies and I was trying to help someone else out, I just don't think it was right," Maldonado said.

The BBB encourages everyone purchasing a puppy online to check out the breeder and report any suspicious activity to local authorities and the Better Business Bureau.