Progress made in revitalization of downtown Amarillo

Progress made in revitalization of downtown Amarillo

Amarillo, TX - Downtown Amarillo is making progress for those who want a more urban lifestyle.

Three projects are currently in various stages which will allow more residents to live and work downtown.

"We're starting to see some residential development, which is great to see people moving downtown, The Vineyard Manor with 16 units," said Melissa Dailey with Downtown Amarillo.

"The Lofts on 10th that the May's Incorporated are working on to take another old apartment building right there on 10th Avenue and make it beautiful new apartments, the first floor will be retail, people will live above it," Beth Duke who is the Executive Director of Center City Amarillo said.

Duke says the vision for these live and work buildings is to create a modern city experience.

"People who live there will be able to walk to work, walk to the Civic Center, walk to and restaurants and clubs and really enjoy an urban lifestyle," explained Duke.

There are also many  other projects using old buildings in new ways.

"We're also seeing an interest in the warehouse buildings, we've seen one renovated for an office use, architectural office and then a second one underway, it's  actually three buildings being renovated that were vacant in the warehouse district so we're excited to see that," Dailey said.

The new hotel and parking garage project near 7th and Buchanan is also progressing.

"The hotel project is moving along, we're finalizing the contract with Newcrest Image, of course those negotiations have to occur in closed session, but we hope to complete those soon, just as soon as that is complete we'll have a timeline on the hotel and parking garage," said Dailey.

And after the hotel and parking garage are complete the planned baseball stadium can take shape.

"We'll need to get the garage up and running before the baseball park can be under construction so we have sufficient parking," Dailey stated.

The hope for all these new projects is to create a vibrant downtown.

"This is so exciting for the city, for one thing it makes a healthy downtown and healthy cities have a healthy downtown," said Duke.