NewsChannel 10 launches source for local 24/7 news and weather

NewsChannel 10 launches source for local 24/7 news and weather

Amarillo, TX - Friday NewsChannel 10 launched a new source to get all your local news and weather, it's called NewsChannel 10 24/7.

This channel will be running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with constant weather information and news updates every 15 minutes.

This is the only channel in our area providing this kind of continuous local content. It is broadcast live over the air and can be found at digital channel 10.4.

We spoke with NewsChannel 10's Allan Gwyn about how beneficial this critical information will be during severe weather. "During severe weather especially we will have Super Doppler Radar up, in the big window of the screen so you will see the radar scanning at times we will be zooming in on storms, and we will be using some of the special products we have in the NewsChannel 10 studio."

We spoke with NewsChannel 10's General Manager, Brent McClure, about what makes this channel different than anything else in out area. "The uniqueness of this channel is that it is local weather for our area and only our area. So we have detailed information and broad information in the area. They are also putting in snippets of news throughout the day so we keep everyone on news and weather all the time."

NewsChannel 10 24/7 will also have "Next 3 Hour" forecast and "Next 3 Day" forecasts rotating in covering the Texas panhandle, Oklahoma panhandle and Eastern New Mexico. "NewsChannel 10 24/7 is just one more way that NewsChannel 10 media family is providing more resources than anyone else in the community."

This will be available on Suddenlink cable channel 127, WT Services channel 99, and XIT Communication, channel 99.

For more information on what cable channel it is in your area, check with your local provider .