Doctors say pregnant women should get the flu shot

Doctors say pregnant women should get the flu shot

Amarillo, TX - As we reach the peak of Flu season, doctors say it's important everyone gets vaccinated, especially pregnant women.

Women who are pregnant are at a higher risk for the Flu because their immune system is not as strong during pregnancy.

Doctors explain that if a pregnant women gets the Flu she could have heart complications, lung complications, pneumonia or even end up on a ventilator in the ICU.

But by getting the Flu shot a woman can reduce her risk. And if she does get sick her symptoms will be less severe.

A local doctor we spoke with today tells us, it's  important for women to get the Flu shot even when they aren't pregnant, but are around other women who are.

"It's important that pregnant women not only focus on getting the Flu vaccine during the times in which they are pregnant, but as you run around other people who are in child bearing range of age, it's important that every year, even when you're not pregnant you go ahead and get it because you may be the one that exposes your friend and their pregnancy to the Flu," said Dr. Brian Eades who is a Physician at Women's Healthcare Associates.

It is also important for people who are around pregnant women such as friends as well as family members to get vaccinated according to Eades.

There is also two types of Flu vaccines you can get.

There is the inactivated version and the live version.

Eades says pregnant women should make sure they only take the inactivated one.