Tattoo industry becoming second fastest growing industry in the country

Tattoo industry becoming second fastest growing industry in the country

The tattoo industry has seen recent growth and some of that growth has been right here in Amarillo. 
Local tattoo artist Chad Smith who owns American Vengeance told us what his shop is doing to make a positive impact in the community.

Chad Smith began tattooing in 2003 and ten years later he said he has really seen the industry evolve. That is why his shop American Vengeance aims to wipe away some of the misconceptions. 

Kjetil Mjolhus, a tattoo artist at American vengeance says, "We try to keep the place nice and open and welcoming for anybody, any walk of life,"and that approach has helped the tattoo industry recently become the second fastest growing industry in the country.

More reality shows about tattooing have been popping up, fueling some of the popularity but you are still warned to be cautious. Smith tells us "anybody can buy a machine and tattoo I think there's a big difference between a tattooer and a good tattooer."

As changes within the industry continue, Chad says he will keep working to break the stereotypes and give back to the community. "When you can do something as easy as donate a tattoo to a fundraiser or even raise money for someone less fortunate, it's really really important to me."

American Vengeance was featured this year at a major convention in New Mexico and owner Chad Smith has made guest spots tattooing at industry leading shops across the Lone Star State.