Soda as bad for teeth as methamphetamine

Soda as bad for teeth as methamphetamine

Amarillo, Texas - Methamphetamine being compared to soda... That's what a recent study is comparing when it comes to your teeth. We spoke with local dentists' to find out more on the similarities.

The Academy of General Dentistry is reporting sodas can have just as harmful of effects on teeth as methamphetamine or crack cocaine. But, we spoke with local dentists' to find out more on the comparison.

Many people drink them every day, but your favorite carbonated soda could be causing your teeth to eventually look like the teeth of a methamphetamine addict. The Academy of General Dentistry suggests your teeth can look the same from drinking soda.

"I guess they are being compared just because of similarity. It causes ramped decay, both can cause ramped decay," Cindy N. Schmidt, D.D.S. with Class I Dental Associates says.

Dr. Schmidt says that decay is caused by the citric acid found in sodas and the other harmful acids in meth or crack. But she says they won't damage your teeth the same.

"Most of the time when we see a soda drinker versus a meth user, the meth user's decay is much more severe," Schmidt says.

Even a former meth addict agrees the effects on teeth are not the same.

"Look at any American who drinks cokes, and any American whose done drugs. I mean it's just clear. It's just clear," the former addict says.

She told us about the effects the drug had on her teeth, which she says is much different from the what soda does.

"It rots away the bone and through time it still continues to do some things. Where as I didn't have a lot of bone loss then, I have lots of bone loss now, lots of root absorption due to it," she says.

She worked in the dental field prior to her addiction. She says because of that, she knew how to keep her teeth from becoming as bad as some addicts.

Rinsing your mouth with water after drinking and having good oral hygiene is the best way to keep your teeth in good shape if you are a frequent soda drinker.