Lake Meredith off-road vehicle policy

Lake Meredith off-road vehicle policy

Fritch, TX -- Lake Meredith could be in for some upgrades soon - but some aren't so sure about the proposed rules that would come along with them.

As the water level in Lake Meredith has fallen over the last decade, off-roading has become more popular.  So now the National Park Service is looking for ways to preserve the practice of off-roading while still preserving the park itself.

All of the three "preferred" proposals involve designating specific off-road vehicle, or ORV, areas, and building up to 22 miles of trails to accommodate them.

At this evening's public input meeting, people could see an overview of all of the proposed plans and submit their own comments to the National Park Service.

"I think some form of the preferred plan will go through, and that's why it's so vital to have the public's input on this," says acting Park Superintendent Jimmy Muncy, "It's not our idea; it's not what we want exactly - it's taking what everyone submits to us, and what they want, and you put a plan together."

Susan Huff and her husband have lived in Fritch since the late 90's, and both are avid off-roaders.  She says The solution isn't more regulation, but more compliance with current rules.

"If they were to implement better facilities for camping, less rules and regulations against those that are trying to follow the rules and regulations, and get those people that don't haul it in, haul it out, and respect the stuff that we do get, that's really all I'm asking for."

Today was the last public input meeting scheduled, but you can still submit your comments online to the National Park Service.

The NPS should make its decision by December.

If you'd like to see the plans or comment for yourself, you can follow the associated links attached to this story.