Double homicide at Tucumcari foster home

Tucumcari, NM - New Mexico State Police are investigating the murders of two women at their home.

Around 11:30 Monday night (11/26), police responded to a domestic dispute at a foster home on Quay Road 63.

When they got there, they found the bodies of 49 year-old Sherry Folts and 67 year-old Sue Day, who was a foster parent.

"This family has been a good family," says Enrique Knell of the state's Children, Youth and Families Department, "They've been a foster family with us for seven years, and within that time, they've opened their homes and their hearts to anywhere from 80 to 100 kids."

Police arrested a fourteen year-old who was in the care of the foster home.

He made statements to police that led them to believe it is highly likely he is responsible, and now faces two open counts of murder and is being held at the Quay County Juvenile Detention Center.

There was also a nine-month-old baby living in the house, who was unharmed and is now in the care of another foster family.