Cross Controversy in Clarendon

Some area residents are expressing concern about crosses and signs being put up around Clarendon. And it's causing city officials to review their ordinances.

Clarendon resident Jim Griffin is putting up signs with different messages like the end is near and there are worse things coming than the 9/11 tragedy. He says he's putting up 10 foot tall crosses as well to remind people of their faith and inform others about Jesus.

City Administrator Lambert Little says they support Griffin's rights to express his beliefs. However, it doesn't necessarily represent all residents of Clarendon. Little says, "The city does have sign ordinances and a zoning ordinance. We are reviewing those ordinances for compliance regarding these signs."

There are about 50 crosses around Clarendon on Highway 287, and in residents' yards and businesses who ask for them.

We spoke with some Clarendon residents who don't agree with the crosses and signs being put up around their town. While they chose not to go on camera, they say it makes Clarendon look like they only accept Christians and believe it's getting out of control.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.