Boy celebrates first birthday after being shaken

Boy celebrates first birthday after being shaken

Amarillo, TX- An area boy celebrated his first birthday after battling several months of complications from being shaken.

Austin Westbrook was diagnosed with severe brain injuries shortly after turning three months old after being shaken.

Since the initial injury Austin has battled some problems, but is making improvements everyday.

His family decided to share their joy and celebrate Austin's first birthday with the community.

"We are celebrating his birthday after being shaken by his babysitter. His brain was severely damaged and atrophied and his eyesight was affected and we are just here celebrating because he has made such a great improvement, we've had over 10,600 friends on Facebook praying for him," Jack Westbrook, Austin's grandpa said.

If you would like to learn more about Austin's story and keep up with his progress, you can become a fan of "Prayers for Austin Westbrook" on Facebook.