Teens help tackle Tucumcari Graffiti problem

Teens help tackle Tucumcari Graffiti problem

TUCUMCARI, N.M.- The small town of Tucumcari continues to deal with a group of vandals tagging area businesses.

Art in the form of murals line the streets of this small town, but there is one form of art ALCO store manager Brian Woodward is not too happy about.

"They tagged this entire side back in January," Woodward explained as he showed NewsChannel 10 where vandals spray painted his store.

In recent months, more than 15 area businesses have been struck.

"Graffiti demoralizes businesses,"Woodward said.

Team Builders, an organization designed to steer troubled children and teens in the right direction started a program this month to restore businesses.

"We just don't feel like there is a place for graffiti in our community," behavioral management specialist Robert Poe with Team Builders said. "This is a beautiful small little town and we want to keep it this way."

The teens will be working throughout the summer to paint over the graffiti that they believe is tarnishing their community's reputation.

"It makes the city look been when in all actuality Tucumcari is one big family," Glenn Nolan with Team Builders said.

On Tuesday, the group was helping restore the property once owned by a Sonic restaurant.

Wednesday, the team will be on their way to clean up the back walls of ALCO.

Woodward says if organizations like this weren't willing to repaint area businesses, store managers and employees would be responsible for making repairs.

Graffiti is a criminal activity and anyone caught vandalizing a building could face arrest and a hefty fine.

If residents witness any type of vandalism happening in their neighborhood, you can call the Tucumcari Police Department at 575-461-2160.

For more information on Team Builders, visit www.teambuilders-counseling.org/