Beware of scammers after storms

Amarillo, TX - More people may fall victim to storm repair scams as we continue to have a chance of storms in our area.

Hundreds of claims have already been reported to insurance companies this spring after storm damage in our area and with the continuing chance of storms, there is a chance for more scammers.

Scammers who target people saying they can fix hail damage and other problems start to come out after a major storm, usually the Better Business Bureau says these fly by night scammers offer their services for cheap, get money and leave.

"After a storm we are going to see a big influx of all types of companies that will help people get back to normal and what people need to do first is again, check them out, check out the company, make sure that they don't give any money or sign a contract with someone that they don't know, someone who doesn't have a proven track record that they can't find a BBB report on for example," said Janna Kiehl with the BBB.

Kiehl adds a good rule of thumb when choosing to use a company to fix these damages is if you don't know them and the BBB doesn't know them, don't use them.