Ute Lake water pipeline project on hold following injunctions

Ute Lake water pipeline project on hold following injunctions

Quay County, N.M.- A water pipeline construction project at Uke Lake is on hold.

This news comes after two injunctions were filed in court over concerns the pipeline violates zoning ordinances.

Both injunctions were filed May 5 in the 10th Judicial District Court and name the Eastern New Mexico Water Utility Authority as the defendant.

The water utility wants to pipe water from Ute Lake in Logan into Curry and Roosevelt Counties.

However, many residents living in Logan say it will destroy their community and wash away one of their most valuable resources.

It's a $500 million project that's taken in a lot of heat lately.

In August 2011, NewsChannel 10 was at Ute Lake covering the controversial groundbreaking of this project.

"There is no good that will come out of what they are trying to do," a resident in Logan told NewsChannel 10 last summer. "This is going to drain our lake."

The pipeline would be the key element in making water more accessible in Curry and Roosevelt Counties, but the idea of draining resources from one town and putting it in another does not sit well with residents.

"I think it sucks," another resident said.

The newest hurdle comes in the form of an injunction filed by the town of Logan and South Shore Village.

Logan officials say the water pipeline project now in its early stages violates the their zoning ordinance.

Meanwhile, in the neighboring town of South Shore Village, the landowner's association claims the pipeline violates rules requiring only single-family residences be built on their lots.

The water authority hired the Montgomery and Andrews Law Firm out of Santa Fe to represent them.

If and when construction resumes, the entire project will take an estimated 8 to 10 years to complete.