Smoke shop owners speak out about fake marijuana

Smoke shop owners speak out about fake marijuana

Amarillo, TX - Some local smoke shop owners are speaking out against an illegal synthetic drug similar to marijuana.

The smoke shop owners say just because you can buy it, doesn't mean it is good for your health. They say buying and smoking synthetic marijuana can even be deadly.

"People out there are just looking for the next ultimate high and this stuff ain't an ultimate high," one of the owners explained. "It's an ultimate killer."

The smoke shop owners do not want to disclose their identities, but do want to disclose a serious message when it comes to smoking synthetic drugs that mimic marijuana.

"A lot of people out there, they're just wanting to buy this stuff because they think it's a legal alternative to smoking," one of the smoke shop owners said.

They say just because you can buy it from smoke shops does not mean it is okay to try it.

"They really need to read the package because it says not for human consumption. That right there should tell somebody," one of the smoke shop owners explained. "Retailers don't care. They're going to lie to you and tell you it's safe. They're going to lie to you and say nothing's going to happen to you."

After the owners smoked the synthetic marijuana, themselves, they say they started dealing with serious side effects.

"Coughing up blood, loss of appetite, I'm lucky if I feel like eating once a day," one of the owners said.

"I have trouble sleeping now and I didn't have this much trouble sleeping before," the other owner explained. "You know, it's just especially once you get off the chemical, that's when you really start to feel the effects of what you've done to yourself."

The drug is recognized by different street names like K2, spice and herbal incense, but the smoke shop owners say there is nothing herbal about it.

"The only thing herbal about this incense is whatever grass they happen to pick up off the road and spray the chemical on," one explained.

The owners say the synthetic drug is coated with chemicals that cause serious damage to your lungs. They say it has changed their lives and want to stop that from happening to someone else.

"You start realizing, you know, your health went downhill real fast and people don't care ," one owner said. "If we can get through to one person, one person, out there that actually pays attention then, you know, I'll actually feel good about myself."