Wind energy storage coming to the Panhandle

Amarillo, TX- Wind energy continues to be a growing industry in the Panhandle, with possibilities of storage now available.

With wind turbines continually popping up across the area, the question now is., how can we make the energy created more useful.

Storing the wind energy has also been a question, but now a storage plant is coming to Tulia in the near future.

The plant will use compressed air energy storage which will hold the power from the wind underground, similar to the way natural gas is stored.

Alissa Oppenheimer with Chamisa Energy, the company building the plant says Tulia is a great location to keep such a good energy resource.

"For the most part the wind blows in the panhandle in the off peak, which is perfect for us because we can use all that wind energy to run our compressors, to fill our storage space and then in the peak, turn around and use that compressed air, that compressed wind energy as a generational resource."

The company has already completed preliminary ground work and are expected to start construction later this year.