Banking breach has hundreds scrambling to recover money

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - It has now been confirmed thousands of dollars have been stolen from account holders with The People's Federal Credit Union. The banking breach has many scrambling to recover their money.

A ring of criminals is cleaning out the debit card accounts of hundreds of account holders, many here in Amarillo.

The criminals are using a computer program to generate debit card numbers. When they find a valid number, they issue a card and use it at places in other states that don't require a pin.

The People's Federal Credit Union representative Kenja Purkey says, "The most important thing is to cancel your debit card if you have unauthorized transactions on your account. That stops everything immediately. We are asking people to come in and fill out some paperwork, so we can turn that in to the police. Then we are putting the money back into their account and getting them another debit card."

In order to protect your account, any purchases made with your card outside of the state of Texas will require a pin to be entered.

The credit union says replacing the money of each account holder will not hurt them financially because they are insured.

For more information on the debit card breach call the credit union at 806-359-8571 or 806-322-4284.