Hereford Neighborhood Upset About Stench

Published: May. 26, 2010 at 10:19 PM CDT|Updated: May. 26, 2010 at 11:46 PM CDT
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By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

HEREFORD, TEXAS - The stench of animal carcasses consumes the air in a Hereford neighborhood at least a few times a week, according to angry residents.

We spoke with a few people who say it is not the typical feed lot smell that almost knocks the wind out of them when they walk is the smell of processed dead animals.

Kevin and Rhonda Sanders bought this air purifier that comes with a device to block smells for more than a year.  It lasted three months.

That is because here, the West Texas wind kicks up from the southwest at least a few times a week, kicking up with it an eye watering stench.

Kevin says, "it's indescribable."

Neighbor Juanita Coker says, "it's just a horrendous stench that it's more than a bad odor. It's just horrendous."

For more than 20 years they say they have dealt with this...a stench that seeps out of this dead animal processing plant down the road from their homes, and lingers for hours.

Coker says, "you can't have a cookout or anything because you never know when it's going to inundate the whole neighborhood."

Rhonda wanted to have a Father's Day get together, but she "wouldn't dare" in the summer time.

Both Coker and The Sanders say the smell coming from the Tejas Industries facility was so bad over the weekend that it seeped into their homes.

So once again, they called the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, which sent an inspector to Tejas Industries a few days later.

TCEQ Regional Director Brad Jones says, "the problem we had yesterday when we went out there was the wind was in a different direction. It was blowing away from the houses."

Tejas Chief Operating Officer emailed us a statement which says, "Our facility employs numerous odor control practices....we recently installed a biogas processing facility capturing the off gas from our wastewater lagoon and using the natural gas to fire our boilers.

Tejas and TCEQ are negotiating right now on new requirements for the facility.  Jones says one thing the commission will not budge on is requiring Tejas to process dead animals within 24 hours.