School Districts Change Grading Policies

Amarillo, TX--School districts in our area are revising their grading policies and chief among the changes is getting rid of their minimum grade regulation.

Amarillo and Canyon Independent School Districts will no longer give a minimum grade of 50 to a failing student.

School officials say this score is still a failing grade, but gave students the opportunity to raise their yearly average and pass to the next grade level. The new law gives other alternatives to failing students.

"But then they also state in the law that the districts may or would require multiple chances to achieve that passing grade," said Dr. Gary Angell, Executive Director for AHS Cluster.

Those opposed to the new regulations say it could keep struggling students from passing and create more dropouts.

"The theory is more kids will get themselves into a hole. Actually,I don't know how many will find themselves in that situation, but we will know more later," Angell explained.

Canyon ISD officials will help you know sooner than later.

Part of their new policies this year will include what they call "a collective intervention" for failing students. Officials tell NewsChannel 10 that before a teacher can report a grade below 70 on a child's report card or transcript they must meet with that student's parent to discuss reasons for failure and identity learning objectives.

Both school districts say they will not grade on a different scale or learning curve.