AISD's Virtual Library

Lorraine Metham, Palo Duro High School
Lorraine Metham, Palo Duro High School

In an age where many resources are available online some students may reject the idea of looking through a book.

But at Amarillo Independent School District schools, students are using the traditional library along with it's internet programs to access information throughout the panhandle.

A-I-S-D schools teach a library science class from kindergarten through 12th grade.

At Palo Duro High School like other AISD schools, the library is interconnected with Amarillo libraries and 107 others throughout the Texas panhandle through the Harrington Library Consortium.

Palo Duro's librarian Lorraine Metham says being part of the Harrington Library Consortium is the strongest thing the school district has done.

She says when the freshmen enter Harrington is the first thing she shows them, so that they know how to navigate it.

The students access to Harrington let's them know that if the school library does not have what they are looking for they can always find it at Harrington.

The computer science class along with the student's use of Harrington allows them to differentiate good information from bad information and how to use online resources ethically.

In this way students are able to make good internet decisions instead of free falling through the vast amount of available information.

Metham says, the students access to information in the school system prepares them for going out into the world, be it going to college, getting a job, or just stopping by the local public library.