Perspective with Brent McClure

Go Local: Our Perspective on supporting local businesses during this time

Our social isolation began about a month ago now, and we are still operating in a new normal.

  Our perspective on COVID-19

NewsChannel 10 and Telemundo’s approach to COVID-19 coronavirus coverage is based on facts, not fear.

COMMENTARY: Service work shines in crisis

The people who serve you every day should be celebrated, especially in times of crisis.

  Why Summer Celebration is so important to NewsChannel 10

NewsChannel 10 celebrates 25 years of Summer Celebration this year with the same basic desire, to meet our viewers and introduce you, our viewers, to your neighboring communities.

  Our Perspective on red light approvals in Amarillo

Last year, our community passed many propositions to allow our city to make improvements.

Our Perspective on resolutions

A new year brings new opportunities and piques many people’s interest to set goals or make resolutions.

  Perspective: Together We Can Food Drive raised around 857,000 meals

The totals are in, and your support of the High Plains Food Bank is incredible and appreciated.

  Our Perspective on holiday stress

Thanksgiving is behind us now, but the holiday season is not over, and the pace is not slowing down.

Our Perspective on the Amarillo Sod Poodles

The Amarillo Sod Poodles name has been announced finally.

  Our perspective on Amarillo’s road construction

Amarillo still seems like a city of orange construction barrels and cones that rolled out in 2016 and will remain throughout for another few years.

  Our Perspective on early voting

This week early voting begins. There are a number of things on the ballots that vary county to county.

  Perspective: Don’t mess with the Panhandle

We have all heard “Don’t Mess with Texas” as a slogan for not littering. Based on Amarillo’s recent events, I would say “Don’t mess with the Panhandle” because we are on a roll and standing tall for what we believe.

Our Perspective on how connecting with people has changed

No matter how old you are, no matter how sophisticated you have become, and no matter how much you try to understand it; it is just more complicated to connect with people.

  Perspective: NewsChannel 10 launches 2nd Cup, first conversational newscast in the Panhandle

People say, "If you are not growing and changing, you are dying."  Well, NewsChannel 10 is innovating again as we continue to grow.

Our Perspective on stigmas associated with Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a complicated learning disorder that many do not understand.

  Our Perspective on the Texas Tech Chancellor and proposed Veterinary school

The Texas Tech Chancellor is a hot topic right now.  Monday, the board of regents named Dr. Tedd Mitchell interim Chancellor of Texas Tech, following the retirement of Robert Duncan last week.

Our Perspective on tax-free weekend

If you didn't know, schools around our area are starting up this week and next week.

What is Perspective?

"Perspective" is a NewsChannel 10 segment that is intended to start conversations. We face many matters on the local, regional and national level that needs discussion. Many of these topics can be confused by spin. The segment is intended to get past that and start real discussion. Read more on what "Perspective" is intended to accomplish.