Vaccine Watch

  Medical clinic opening vaccine clinic for veterans

The Thomas E. Creek VA Medical Clinic will hold it’s first-ever COVID-19 vaccination clinic Monday.

Texas first state to administer 1 million COVID-19 vaccines

  Doctor explains how people can contract COVID-19 between gap of 1st and 2nd dose of vaccine

  Doctors share when recovered COVID-19 patients should receive vaccine

  Civic Center has exhausted current supply of COVID-19 vaccine

  Doctors offer ways to limit severe reaction in allergy patients from COVID-19 vaccine

  COVID-19 vaccine clinic at Amarillo Civic Center reopens Monday

Continued Coverage

  Cannon AFB begins administering COVID-19 vaccine

  COVID-19 vaccine clinic at Amarillo Civic Center reopens Saturday

  Amarillo Public Health awaits new vaccine shipment after administering 12,000 doses

  COVID-19 vaccine clinic at Amarillo Civic Center postponed

  Constant adjustments to Civic Center set-up for vaccination has increased efficiency

  Doctors put rumor to rest when sharing knowledge of COVID-19 vaccine

Texas Tech approved to distribute COVID-19 vaccine

Currently the COVID-19 vaccine has been limited to frontline healthcare workers and the vulnerable and at-risk population.

  Guymon announces COVID-19 Vaccination Event for 65 years and older

The City of Guymon has announced a COVID-19 Vaccination Event for 65-year-old’s and older.

  New Mexico announces enhanced vaccine registration website

The New Mexico Department of Health announced today that New Mexico’s vaccination website now allows users to complete comprehensive personal profiles.

  Amarillo Fire Department crews begin receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Crews with the Amarillo Fire Department begin to receive the COVID-19 vaccine today.

  Childress grandmother and granddaughter strengthen bond through pandemic

  Services expand at Amarillo Civic Center Vaccination clinic

  More Amarillo residents now eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

  Amarillo Public Health opens COVID-19 vaccination clinic at Civic Center

  Doctors share if recovered COVID-19 patients should get the COVID-19 vaccine

More at-risk Texans can now receive COVID-19 vaccine

  Childress grandmother and granddaughter receive COVID-19 vaccine together

A resident at Childress Healthcare Center and her granddaughter received the COVID-19 vaccine together.

  TTUHSC continues providing COVID-19 vaccine to health care workers only

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center continues to provide the COVID-19 vaccine to health care workers only.

  ‘Risk is quite low and the benefit is enormous’: Pregnant women should get COVID-19 vaccine

When it comes to who should get the COVID-19 vaccine, pregnant women fall under a group with very little medical guidance.

  United Family begins distributing COVID-19 vaccine to health care workers

The United Family is administering the COVID-19 vaccine to health care workers in several pharmacies at United Supermarkets, Market Street, Albertsons Market and Amigos.

  Recently arrived COVID-19 vaccines assist smaller hospitals this holiday

After waiting a week, hospitals in our rural areas are finally starting to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

  COVID-19 vaccine brings hope to anxious nursing home residents

The COVID-19 vaccines are giving nursing home residents hope to see their family again.

Amarillo VA begins COVID-19 vaccine distribution with Moderna

Sites were identified based on need for the vaccine according to CDC’s 1A prioritization and capacity to store the vaccine at -20◦ C.

  HCHD prepares to vaccinate staff, nursing home residents against COVID-19

The Hansford County Hospital District will start vaccinating its employees and the residents of Hansford County Manor, a residential facility for the elderly, against COVID-19.

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine arrives at Amarillo VA Health Care System

The Amarillo VA Health Care System received their first shipment of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine today.

  Pharmacies prepare to play key role in vaccination process

As the COVID-19 vaccine begins to roll out around the country, health care leaders expect an increase need for those certified to administer it.

Amarillo health officials say COVID-19 vaccinations going well, no complaints about side effects

Amarillo city leaders and health experts gave an update on COVID-19 today.

  Amarillo receives COVID-19 vaccine and begins administering doses

The first 975 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine arrived in Amarillo today.

  Amarillo VA will receive vaccines from Federal Government

The BSA and Northwest Texas Hospitals are set to be part of the first COVID-19 vaccines that has arrived today from the state.

  Amarillo health care workers to receive COVID-19 vaccine Tuesday

The first 975 doses of the vaccine are expected to arrive tomorrow at the Texas Tech Health Care Sciences Center, where they will be stored in freezers that could keep the vaccine at the proper temperature of negative 80 degrees.

  ‘Healing is coming’: US health workers start getting COVID-19 vaccine

The largest vaccination campaign in U.S. history got underway Monday as health workers in select hospitals rolled up their sleeves for shots to protect them from COVID-19 and start beating back the pandemic.

  COVID-19 vaccine expected to arrive in Amarillo Tomorrow

The first COVID-19 vaccine shipment is expected to arrive in Amarillo on Tuesday, December 15.

After 110K virus deaths, nursing homes face vaccine fears

In an ongoing study of nearly 44,000 people, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found the vaccine was safe and more than 90% effective across recipients of different ages, including older adults and those with health problems that put them at high risk of COVID-19.

Scientists take to TikTok to explain vaccine facts

Explaining how a vaccine works isn’t easy, so these scientists have gotten creative, answering all sorts of questions to allay vaccine concerns and promote confidence.

  Trump says he’s nixing plan for early vaccine at White House

The move to vaccinate top U.S. officials would be consistent with the rollout of rapid testing machines for the coronavirus.

EXPLAINER: How much COVID-19 vaccine will be shipped in US

For now, only Pfizer’s vaccine, which the Food and Drug Administration greenlit Friday, is being shipped. Another vaccine by Moderna will be reviewed by an expert panel this week and could get the go-ahead soon afterward.

COVID-19 vaccine shipments begin in historic US effort

The Food and Drug Administration authorized emergency use of the vaccine Friday, saying it is highly protective and presents no major safety issues.

  Doctors recommend precautions after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Some doctors say receiving the COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t mean you will be completely immune to the virus.

  Initial round of COVID-19 vaccine to arrive in Amarillo next week

The initial allocation of the COVID-19 vaccine for the Amarillo health care community will arrive next week.

COVID-19 vaccinations could arrive at Amarillo hospitals as ‘early as next week’

COVID-19 vaccinations could arrive in Amarillo as early as next week.

Lubbock hospitals set to receive thousands of COVID vaccine doses in first week of distribution

Lubbock hospitals are expected to receive their first doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine as early as the week of Dec. 14, depending on how quickly the vaccine is authorized for use in the United States.

  Governor Abbott announces initial COVID-19 vaccine distribution for Month of December

Governor Greg Abbott today announced that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has made an initial allotment of over 1.4 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccines to the State of Texas for the month of December.