Dave Oliver

Dave Oliver

Chief First Alert Meteorologist

Dave was born in Wichita, Kansas - the heart of tornado alley - and formed an interest in weather at a very young age. After spending his early childhood in central Oklahoma and developing a fascination with thunderstorms and tornadoes, his family moved to the Texas coast for his middle and high school years.

Living near Corpus Christi, Dave acquired a keen interest in waterspouts and hurricanes and toward the end of high school made the decision to pursue meteorology as a career. Dave attended the University of Oklahoma in Norman, where his passion for weather and storms continued to grow. He joined up with fellow students at OU along with employees of the National Severe Storms Laboratory and became involved in tornado chasing in the early 1980s.

This is also where Dave met his wife Carol and they were married just days after his graduation from OU in 1983. Dave's first television job was in Corpus Christi in late 1983, followed by a period as Chief Meteorologist at a station in Victoria, Texas from 1984-1986. Dave was contacted and offered a job at KFDA-TV in late 1986 and immediately joined the team here. He has been the Chief Meteorologist at NewsChannel10 since 1987.

Away from the station, Dave enjoys chasing storms, fishing, camping, lifting weights and exercising, spending time with his family, eating ice cream, and leading a men's Bible study. He is active in church and spends a lot of time in schools and giving presentations. "God has blessed me in a mighty way by allowing me to do what I love to do in this wonderful part of the world.

We have the best and most fascinating weather in the country and the people here are so warm and friendly. This has been such a rewarding home and God has shown me this is right where he wants me to be", says Dave.

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