Cameron Venable

Cameron Venable

First Alert Meteorologist

Cameron was born in California near Los Angeles in a city called Torrance. Since the young age of six years old, he recalls he had a strong interest in the weather.

Thunderstorms are his favorite type of weather event, but it didn’t always start out that way. When he was much younger, lightning scared him quite a bit but over time that fear turned into a deep fascination with lightning.

His passion for meteorology continued through his childhood. He went to San Jose State University in San Jose, CA and majored in meteorology. By May 2015, he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Meteorology.

On his spare time from about 2008 through 2015 he maintained several amateur weather forecast sites in Southern California to practice and craft his forecasting skills.

Southern California much like the Texas Panhandle has some very difficult areas to forecast. He believes that in order to get better at forecasting, one must practice, practice, and practice. While running his personal weather sites, he also enjoyed doing audio casts and make shift green screen videos.

Much like the other meteorologists on the First Alert team, he enjoys storm chasing on his free time. He has spent expansive time chasing summer time thunderstorms, and winter rain storms in Southern California but also was able to experience a taste of true tornado chasing as he chased back on

May 10 2010.

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