Rylee Robinson

NewsChannel 10 Sports Reporter and Anchor
Rylee Robinson

Rylee is NewsChannel 10's new Sports Reporter.

She graduated from Kennesaw State University in Atlanta, GA with a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Emerging Media.

During her time at Kennesaw State, Rylee was part of the Owl Network where she got experience in front and behind the camera as well as getting to appear on multiple ESPN+ broadcasts for the school as a sideline reporter.

She has always had a passion for sports. Rylee grew up playing basketball and tennis herself, but did not miss a single one of her two brother's baseball games. Growing up in Georgia, she experienced first hand how passionate people were about not only SEC football, but also high school football. She developed a love for football as she grew up in a community where Friday Night Lights was considered a national holiday.

When not at the station, Rylee enjoys reading any romance book she can get her hands on, trying out all the new restaurants in Amarillo, and working out.

Rylee has always dreamed of moving to Texas, and now she is eager to dive deep into Texas Panhandle sports. She encourages you to stop her when you see her out and about to say hi and to chat all things sports.