Ruben on the Road: Restaurant serving Hereford for almost 20 years

Published: Nov. 7, 2023 at 1:22 PM CST
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HEREFORD, Texas (KFDA) - Ruben is on the road to Hereford where he makes a stop at a restaurant that’s been serving the community for almost 20 years.

Gordon Siu, manager of Sugarland Mall Grill, says the restaurant came almost like an accident. He is the manager of the mall and the space was available for rent or lease.

He says he was showing the space to a wonderful lady and she liked it.

“She liked a little grill here and it kind of fit what she was looking for. She suddenly turned to talk to me and asked me what if instead of leasing the space, she actually worked for me,” said Siu.

He didn’t have any experience running a restaurant whatsoever, but Siu says she told him she had 30 something years experience and things would be fine.

Shortly after she opened, Siu says within half a year she had to leave town because of her husband’s job situation. He’s been managing the restaurant for about 19 years since.

“I think good food always bring people together and good food gets people excited. Good food breaks out all kind of barriers, cultural or anything,” said Siu.

Siu says it’s been really rewarding, especially serving things that they enjoy serving. He says they always appreciate how people give them suggestions.

What they have today has a lot to do with the input from the community and thanks to the city, he says.

“You know, from the leadership of the city to the whole community, how supportive they are, how much love they give us, and Hereford, it’s just one of the best places to live and to do business in,” said Siu.