Project Clean Up: Getting to work near the Medical Center

Published: Oct. 25, 2023 at 10:32 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - In this Project Clean Up, we visit the area of SW 13th near the Medical Center.

There is no doubt what Project Clean Up has done for certain parts of the city is making a huge difference not only in appearance, but in well being. Neighbors are feeling better about their streets and alleys.

Once again, the Fuller and Sons crew are taking advantage of amazing weather. This time, scouring an area around the Medical Center, doing what they do to make Amarillo beautiful.

No job too big or awkward for the Fuller and Sons crew. They see, they dump. They handle this dump-bound structure as a team effort.

Their target for this cleanup is the alleyways along SW 13th between Callahan, Clyde, La Paloma and Buena Vista.

Some big ticket items found this week include a large sofa, a door and other assorted items that have seen better days!

Limbs, trash, and lumber oh my! It seemed endless along the alleys on SW 13th.

It didn’t matter the angle... Lumber and limbs were stacking up on this clean up, with the roll-offs the next stop.

The roll-offs at the Northwest Branch Library filled up in a hurry. In fact, the crew was able to fill two of them! The City of Amarillo had emptied both before the crew’s arrival.

The Fuller and Sons crew shut the door on yet another successful Project Clean Up!

If you know of an area, alley or other problem hot-spot that needs the attention of Project Clean Up, let us know here!

Remember, it takes all of us to make and keep Amarillo beautiful.