D.A.Ds: How fathers are making a difference at Arden Road Elementary

Published: Oct. 2, 2023 at 5:50 PM CDT
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CANYON, Texas (KFDA) - One Canyon ISD school has a new heartwarming initiate, D.A.Ds, which stands for ‘Dads at Duty’.

Arden Road Elementary School is using fathers for support and a stronger sense of security.

“Our D.A.Ds program is here to help coordinate drop off and pickup, help kids get in and out of the building safely. The teachers are occupied, getting ready for class and getting kids in and out of the school and it just helps them get the kids to where they need to be, make sure they don’t get ran over or anything like that,” said Jerry Taylor, D.A.Ds program leader.

Volunteers also attend any high attendance event, make sure doors are locked and keep their heads on a swivel for any suspicious activity,

The principal says the program was started to give dads a place in the school.

“We needed some strong male role models, we’re an all-female campus and it just kind of gives dads a place, a role in school. A lot of times they think it’s the mom’s role, so it kind of gives them a place in the school, as well,” said Donna Agee, principal, Arden Road Elementary.

Principal Agee says the program has had an overwhelming response with 40 dads signed up to volunteer their time.

All dads must go through a background check and then are put in a communication group to sign up for different time slots and duties.

The program has also received an overwhelming response from the community.

“The parents seem to appreciate it a lot. We’ve had Amarillo Police Department over here, officers saying that we’re making waves that people have heard about this and that they love what we’re doing,” said Taylor.

Taylor explains why this program is important to him.

“Right now, so many people are trying to be divisive and we’re trying to be unifying, we are not interested in the politics of the school systems or anything like that. We care what our kids are being told for sure, but we want to make sure that right now, they’re safe getting in and out of school,” said Taylor.

Dads at Duty also made safety buckets for every classroom on campus, including a variety of items, in case of an emergency, lock down or inclement weather event.

If you are a dad interested in helping out, you are asked to contact principal Agee.