Downtown Amarillo businesses see big impact during Sod Poodles championship

Published: Sep. 26, 2023 at 5:33 PM CDT

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Many people in Amarillo may grab a pre-game or post-game drink or bite to eat in Amarillo’s downtown district during a Sod Poodle game.

“We are definitely expecting to win, so we want to get a win in Amarillo. That would be great,” said Seth Quinn, owner and operator of Crush Wine Bar and Grill.

Not only is Quinn expecting a win, he’s expecting an influx of customers.

“We notice a lot of people maybe want to have a glass of wine or a cocktail that they maybe can’t get at the game and maybe a craft beer, and that’s something we can provide here,” said Quinn.

Right next to Crush is Lit Arcade Bar, which is also expecting a rush of customers. General Manager Tooley says he brought in extra staff for the night and made sure the bar is stocked.

“On game weeks you have to get extra supplies, you know, extra. Keep more beer on hand, you know, just in case,” said Tooley.

Owners of bars and restaurants say they’re huge advocates of HODGETOWN being downtown.

“The more events and more attractions downtown is ultimately going to bring more people down here. When there are more people down here, they’re more likely to support these downtown businesses. I’m big on anything and everything being downtown, especially our minor league baseball team in Amarillo,” said Quinn.

Tooley says events like a championship bring money to downtown Amarillo.

“Downtown is like its own micro-economy versus the rest of the town,” he said. “It’s probably the fastest developed in what I’ve seen in Amarillo.”

Another popular spot for fans before the game is Joe Taco, which is right across the street from the stadium.

However, after tonight that downtown location is closing its doors. The former manager says business is great on game days for about an hour and a half.

Without games, business was very inconsistent and hard to keep a staff.