Ruben on the Road: A trip to the hidden gem of the Texas Panhandle

Published: Sep. 18, 2023 at 10:36 AM CDT
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PANHANDLE, Texas (KFDA) - At the Carson County Square House Museum in Panhandle, Ruben learns why it’s called the hidden gem of the Texas Panhandle.

Myka Gauna, educator at the Square House Museum, says the museum has several exhibits, including two historic houses, a paddy wagon, a caboose and the original bookmobile that services the county.

“We offer educational programs to the schools, the nursing homes,” said Gauna. “We also offer a meeting space, and also we have this historic church that we’re in right now, but that we can use as a wedding venue.”

Dixie Surratt, board chairman for the Square House Museum, says the museum has a lot of things to offer, including a fantastic educational program. The living museum in the spring lets second graders come and choose the pioneer they want to portray.

“Well, we will be celebrating 58 years. For a long time, we never did change anything, but now we have to be able to change things,” said Surratt.

Surratt says people really like it because they been to the museum before and notice the things that have been changed.

The museum now has a brand new Quanah Parker exhibit.

“We really focus on Native American history here at the Carson County Museum, and we were so generously donated two busts by King Hill, both Quanah Parker as a statesman and Quanah Parker as a warrior,” said Gauna.

Guana says they’re excited to showcase those to show the history of Quanah Parker and bridging the white settlers and the Native Americans in the area.

“Well, I think it’s really important that we keep up with history, but we also need to be able to encourage our children — the next generation coming — that it’s really important that they learn about the history of our museum and the things that go on,” said Surratt.