Ruben on the Road: Husband and wife open unique boutique in Wheeler

Published: Sep. 14, 2023 at 10:42 AM CDT
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WHEELER, Texas (KFDA) - Ruben heads to Wheeler where he meets up with a husband and wife who have opened a unique boutique.

Lynn Rector, owner of Guns ‘N Glitter, says he and his wife decided about a year ago that they enjoy doing custom items like cups and T-shirts, and he’s always been fascinated with guns, being an avid hunter for most of his life and owning several guns himself.

“And so we decided, let’s open up a boutique in Wheeler, Texas, and a gun shop on one side, and call it Guns ‘N Glitter,” said Lynn.

Owner Sonya Rector says people come to Wheeler and drive past on Main Street, and there’s nothing like the boutique.

“It’s exciting for everybody. We just wanted to open a business together,” said Sonya. “I have permanent welding jewelry I was wanting to do, and so we just turned it into a boutique slash gun shop.”

The shop also offers license to carry classes and basic pistol classes, Lynn says.

“It’s not just, we sell firearms and turn you loose,” said Lynn. “We’re here to help you through the whole process of learning how to use it, learn how to clean it, break it down.”

Lynn says his wife does a lot of stuff with clothes. They do a lot of custom items for events or for schools.

“It’s whatever anyone wants. We sure try to accommodate our small community,” said Lynn.

Sonya says they carry all sizes, and that excited people because they said they never had anything like Guns ‘N Glitter here.

It was just real important to contribute to the community, Lynn says, and the gun shop is one thing that the community doesn’t have.

“Well, we’re all friendly. You always, always make friends. We always have a friend when we leave here,” said Sonya.