Greater North Heights Neighborhood Association starts community garden

Published: Aug. 30, 2023 at 6:08 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Greater North Heights Neighborhood Association began planting it’s community garden in May.

They’ve been growing produce such as cantaloupe, cucumbers, corn, beets and squash for anyone who may be in need of fresh vegetables and fruits.

“North Heights is what is classically known as a food desert, so technically there’s not any fresh produce. We planted the garden in hope to kind of help alleviate that,” said President of the Greater North Heights Neighborhood Association Timothy Gassaway.

North Heights organizers say the idea is to provide an open place for everyone in the community, especially for those who are food insecure and don’t have reliable transportation to the store.

“It’s a neighborhood initiative. This is our first year actually having a garden, but this is kind of a new concept for North Heights to actually have a community garden which is open to everyone,” said Gassaway.

The community also teamed up with local Potter County Extension Agents to ensure the garden has the best chance for success and to thrive.

“They asked for some help with resources as to what to plant, when to plant, basic care of the garden, things like that,” said County Extension Agent for Potter County Texas A&M Agrilife Megan Eikner.

Eikner says she believes neighborhoods can be elevated through an effort such as a community garden.

“It provides a source of food that a lot of folks are just either not able to purchase or may be hesitant to try because it’s not something they’re familiar with, but a lot of times people will try things that they grow themselves so that’s part of our effort with extension,” said Eikner.

Now that summer harvest is over, Gassaway says they will continue to push forward.

“Overall the harvest was great, we’re on the downturn of the season and we’re kind of preparing to get ready to plant for the fall,” Gassaway said.

The garden is one major first step in bettering the North Heights community as a whole.