Experts share heat concerns and how it may impact vehicles

Published: Aug. 7, 2023 at 5:48 PM CDT|Updated: Aug. 7, 2023 at 6:09 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - While many across Texas and in the Panhandle are feeling the impact of the radiating heat, your car may also be feeling the effects.

The rise in heat has also raised the likelihood of having heat-related damage to your car.

Automotive technician Robert Abernathy at Barney’s Auto Service says because of the heat, they have seen a rise in customers in need of their services.

“We have seen a ton of AC systems, overheat conditions, blown engines if they don’t catch it soon enough, so it’s really been a big deal,” said Abernathy.

He shared some ideas that may help prevent some damage done to vehicles during the hot summer months.

“Have everything checked with your oil change, all your fluids, bring it in as often as you can. Make sure you stay on top of things,” said Abernathy.

AAA Texas says it has also been seeing its fair share of issues.

“We do tend to see a lot of heat-related road side emergencies of course during the summer, the top ones we see here at AAA are dead batteries and flat tires,” said Spokesperson for AAA Daniel Ambruster.

Ambruster gave some helpful suggestions to help prevent these specific types of damage.

“Number one when it comes to your tires is just make sure that you’re checking your tire pressure periodically, at least once a month. As far as your battery, if it’s at least three years old and you got a road trip coming up, have a trusted mechanic go ahead and take a look at it. See how long of life is left on that battery to determine if you’re getting close and you need to go ahead and replace the battery,” said Ambruster.

Beyond internal issues people may experience, one resident has experienced the heat in a unique way.

“When I opened my door on Saturday morning to go to church, it was nothing but black all inside. These are the covers that go over the windshield, the wire got so hot it burned, it burned through and started a fire on my dash,” said Mary Jane Gonzales.

She says she hopes this will serve as a cautionary tale for car owners.

“I got really lucky that they didn’t continue to burn or the whole car would’ve burned, so please people check your covers, make sure the wires aren’t to hot,” said Gonzales.