City of Amarillo partners with new rideshare company Wridz

Published: Aug. 2, 2023 at 6:15 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The City of Amarillo is partnering with a new rideshare company called Wridz for transportation to and from the airport.

Wridz, while comparable to Uber and Lyft, is taking a new approach to rideshare operations.

“You know make sure that the drivers that are driving the passengers around are the best of the best, so we decided that part of that process would be doing face-to-face interviews, drug screening, extensive background checks and really making sure that the drivers are who you would want to be driving,” said CEO of Wridz Steven Wright.

While passenger safety is the main focus, Wright says they are working make sure drivers are well taken care of.

“Wridz doesn’t keep anything from the trip, the passenger pays the fare or the fee for the trip. The only thing the driver doesn’t get would be like the airport fee,” said Wright.

In deciding to partner with Amarillo and Rick Husband International, the company agrees to pay a small fee.

“We do charge a one dollar per trip fee for the companies that do that type of service, because we have expenses to cover as well here at the airport,” said Director of Aviation for Rick Husband International Mike Conner.

Airports across the nation have implemented this fee for pick up and drop off at airports.

“Nationwide it was transitioning at airports where airports were charging for those types of ground transportation services to help cover some of the charges that we have or fees that we have here at the airport for parking and things like that,” said Conner.

Wridz will begin operations here in Amarillo within the next few weeks.

“We’re hoping that they’ll be able to expand the ground transportation options for our customers here at the airport and operate safely as well,” said Conner.

For more information on Wridz, click here.