Lake Meredith’s water level increases after recent rainfall

Published: May. 30, 2023 at 8:35 PM CDT|Updated: May. 30, 2023 at 10:15 PM CDT

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Lake Meredith’s water levels have risen just over two feet in the past week and a half.

Chad Pernell with the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority says Lake Meredith should reach 70 feet by today.

Lake Meredith is no ordinary lake. Other than water sports and fishing, Lake Meredith directly impacts the city’s water source.

Chad Pernell, Deputy General Manager of the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority says, two feet isn’t going to change things drastically in terms of day-to-day impact; however, the water level at Lake Meredith will have a positive effect long term.

“It does help with water quality which helps with the city’s but the more that we have in the lake that’s just better. It ensures that we have a more reliable supply long term so it’s those sorts of things but more long term rather than short term,” says Pernell.

Pernell adds that the water flow levels in the Canadian River have been significant over the last week and a half and in the past few days the water flow in the river has been 2.7 million gallons per minute.

Although Lake Ute is 100 miles away, it directly impacts those in Amarillo.

Lake Meredith and Lake Ute are connected by the Canadian River, and when Ute becomes full, lake water must be released.

“Ute, New Mexico is probably around six feet away from the point at which they would be required to release. That’s not to say that that would happen immediately, but the lake has come up several feet over the last seven days,” says Pernell.

Pernell says when rainfall like this happens, the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority stays in contact with Lake Ute.

However, if they are required to release water it won’t happen right away, they would coordinate an optimum time and level to release at.

“So that’s partly gonna depend on what kind of rainfall they get upstream in Ute’s watershed. If they give more then you know, that raises that potential, if that doesn’t happen, then you know, it’s not going to be on the horizon,” says Pernell.

Overall, the raised water level at Lake Meredith will have a positive effect long term.

“Well anytime it’s coming up, that’s better than going down. So coming up two feet in a week, that’s a good thing, and hopefully, there’s more on the way,” says Pernell.

According to Doppler Dave Oliver, Chief Meteorologist at NewsChannel 10, Lake Ute has seen nine feet of rain in the past week with more on the way.