Perryton ISD proposes 2 bonds for election day

VIDEO: Perryton ISD proposes 2 bonds for election day
Published: May. 5, 2023 at 9:46 PM CDT|Updated: May. 5, 2023 at 10:14 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Election day is tomorrow and Perryton Independent School District has two propositions on the ballot.

Proposition A is $35,126,000 million and would cover the renovation of the elementary and high school, secure the playground at the elementary, and allow the district to implement safety and security updates for the campuses.

Proposition B is for $4,832,750 million and would pay for new restrooms, concessions, and additional parking at ranger stadium, plus new locker rooms, offices, a weight room and a training room to be used by Perryton students.

“I do think this is important for the community of Perryton as we are looking to the future and trying to be progressive in trying to promote our community and keep up with the times,” says James Mireles, Superintendent of Perryton Independent School District.

Mireles goes on to say early voting has been “incredible.”

Typically in Perryton, they see about 200 early voters. In this election, 600 came out to cast their ballot.

Perryton Independent School District is hoping both propositions pass. This year the proposals are organized into categories for more transparency on where the money will go.

With the high school and elementary school in Perryton being over 60 years old, the school district decided some upgrades were needed.

Over the past 8 months, the long-term range planning committee of Perryton ISD has been making a list of priorities.

“They chose that the high school which was built in 1963, and Wright elementary, which was built in 1963, as being some of the priorities that they thought needs to be addressed,” says Mireles.

Due to the age of both buildings, the district is having trouble with plumbing, heating and cooling, and electricity.

“We have teachers actually using Christmas light timers to not overload the system and pop the breakers. So that each teacher can charge laptops at certain times in our old building,” says Sarah Tregellas, School Board Trustee for Perryton Independent School District.

Tregalles says --if passed-- the bonds would attract more residents to the city of Perryton.

“One of the first places you go when you have a family is you go look at the schools. So the appearance of the school the the conditions of the facilities, that’s what you can see when you drive by you don’t get to meet all the teachers and all that so I think it will impact the community as well as our education system. So improve things for recruiting and recruiting just in town will be good for Perryton,” says Tregellas.

Mireles and Tregelles say having an ideal learning environment that provides space and safety for the students is the biggest priority.

“Giving him the same opportunity and chance that other kids in our districts are receiving,” adds Mireles.

Perryton ISD Bond 2023
Perryton ISD Bond 2023(James Mireles)