Experts: Parvovirus and Kennel Cough on the rise in the Panhandle

Experts: Parvovirus and Kennel Cough on the rise in the Panhandle
Experts: Parvovirus and Kennel Cough on the rise in the Panhandle(none)
Published: Mar. 29, 2023 at 6:00 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Although some cases of parvovirus are expected this time of year experts say they are seeing a jump in cases of kennel cough and parvo.

“Unfortunately even with their vaccination with Bordetella, we’re still getting hit with a pretty hard. I don’t know if it’s a strain on the current vaccinations, but we’re seeing a lot of that,” said Jessica McCloud, Executive Director of Forgotten Dog League.

Forgotten Dog League says it went from zero cases of kennel cough to over 20 in only 24 hours.

FDL says they have not experienced parvo but many vets and shelters are seeing a rise in cases

Some vets in the area stated in a span of 30 minutes, more than five dogs came in to be treated for kennel cough, and one said more than 30 cases were seen in a day.

“Many of the other rescues in town have. They have some of our usual municipal rules. Some of them are street cases and just it’s everywhere,” said McCloud.

Gracie’s Project has several cases of parvo and says it’s likely to continue.

One vet we spoke with said they saw more than double the cases in the past week than typical.

“Parvo we used to just be a summertime sickness, and now let’s see around there’s so many strains getting more deadly and deadly. Like I said, it use to slow down and it doesn’t anymore,” said Cheryl Godswick, volunteer at Gracie’s Project.

A best practice is to keep your furry friend vaccinated.

“Make sure your dog is fully vaccinated or they take these and be careful. Always be watchful of other dogs and what’s going on in your surroundings. Just like you do as a human when you’re out,” said Godswick.

Other precautions are to wipe your dog’s paws and take off your shoes to avoid tracking germs inside as well as avoiding ‘hot spots’ like dog parks.

Gracie’s Project and Forgotten Dog League both say the rise in cases, along with other needs has put the rescues in some financial struggles.

To donate to Gracie’s Project, click here.

Gracie’s will also be hosting an event with Apex Auto, April 15th, and all proceeds will go towards the rescue.

To donate to Forgotten Dog League, click here.