Specialist: More pollen worsening allergies in the Panhandle this Spring

VIDEO: Specialist: More pollen worsening allergies in the Panhandle this Spring
Published: Mar. 14, 2023 at 5:44 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - From more pollen entering the air from plants beginning to bloom, to high winds pushing in other unusual dander many are seeking treatment for worsening allergies.

“There’s rising pollen everybody’s breathing, and then the wind shifts it. Things that maybe you’re not exposed to as much during other times of the year, the wind carries and it’s higher during the season,” said Madison Lopez, certified allergy specialist, Family Medical Center.

Allergy specialists say because of this years high winds pushing other unusual allergens along, they have seen more patients suffering from allergies.

“We get a lot of environmental irritants like dust in the air and other things that are carried by the winds, particularly on the really strong days where you can visibly see dust and other pollutes in the air so it definitely factors into it and in Amarillo that’s a big factor,” said Rodney Young, M.D., Texas Tech Physicians Family Medicine Physician.

Due to many staying inside during winter, and many allergens being dormient and many people still adjusting from 2020, allergy symptoms may be worse for some patients.

“2020 everybody spent a lot of time it’s inside. Then we started branching out where we could go outside and do social events and outside things. I just felt like the wind has been a pretty big factor with that as well,” said Lopez.

Lopez says over the counter antihistamines are blockers, masking allergy symptoms and do not treat allergies long term.

“It’s good to know what you’re tested for because then you can start treatment and actually work on fixing the problem instead of masking the problem,” said Lopez.

Doctors say taking antihistamines and limiting time outside when air quality is low can help alleviate symptoms, but recommend allergy shots for a long term solution.