Ruben on the Road: Inside Hereford’s hometown radio station

Published: Mar. 14, 2023 at 10:04 AM CDT
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HEREFORD, Texas (KFDA) - In a bonus edition of Ruben on the Road, he takes us into KPAN, a Herford radio station dedicated to covering regional and local news in the area.

“KPAN is a radio station that serves Herford and the surrounding communities. We went on the air in 1948, August of 1948. So we’ll be coming up on 75 years this August, it was actually located a little southwest of town where the transmitter site still is,” said Lane Formby, general manager, KPAN.

The KPAN website shows that John Black and Marshall Formby built KPAN and that Marshall’s nephew, Clint Formby, helped in constructing it and became a partner.

“A fire happened out there. So they moved the studios here to downtown and it’s been a family business since it opened,” said Lane Formby.

The radio station has became a family legacy.

“KPAN has been a good example of what small town radio should be. Clint was a great guy. Really, really conversational and loved Herford. Chip, his son, followed him there,” said Tom Simons, voice for the Hereford Whitefaces, KPAN.

Chip Formby had joined the station in 1978 as the news director and engineer. In 1994, he became the general manager.

“I think that again, Chip had that same interest and now Lane, the grandson of Clint, the son of Chip, has come back to manage the station and, and Lane has that same passion, that same love for people and for the community that his dad and granddad had,” Simons said.

Lane Formby said they enjoy broadcasting and being on the air.

“I think for small towns across the country, local radio is still very important. Broadcasting sports is a big part of that for people,” said Lane Formby.

Simons agreed.

“You know, we’re just folks trying to do a job enjoying what we do. I’ve certainly enjoyed broadcasting the sports and I think the community enjoys listening for the most part,” Simons said.