Shi Lee’s hosting 8th annual Spring Break Lunch Outbreak

VIDEO: Shi Lee’s hosting 8th annual Spring Break Lunch Outbreak
Published: Mar. 10, 2023 at 6:06 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Shi Lee’s Barbecue, Vessel of Humanity and Compassion, in partnership with Family Support Services Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) will begin providing warm meals to students across Amarillo starting Sunday.

“Children, they’re innocent and in a vulnerable position, especially during spring break and summer vacation,” said Tremaine Brown, owner of Shi Lee’s BBQ, and Founder/President of Vessel of Humanity and Compassion.

Reports show one in five kids don’t have meals outside of school.

“Knowing that some students don’t have when they’re out of school they don’t get the opportunity to eat. Sometimes their only meal is that school and we get to help provide that with following and volunteering with Tremaine Brown,” said Kaci Simmons, Prevention Specialist, and YAC Coordinator at Family Support Services.

Event organizer Tremaine Brown says he saw the need nearly nine years ago while at Bones Hooks Park and wanted to help students who otherwise may not have a enough to eat during the break.

“When we started going to the park when my daughter was like two years old, we go and open up a pack of hot dogs and during spring break, there will always be some more kids at the park left to their own devices. I realized that they’re missing those two nutritious meals that they would have received at school breakfast and lunch. For a lot of kids, that’s the only meals that they see. I thought to myself if I can open one pack of hotdogs, What’s stopping me from opening 100?” said Brown.

The lunch outbreak will begin with ‘Sunday Funday’ with food and family fun.

Volunteers from YAC, who are students from various school, and other volunteers will be at other schools and parks beginning Monday, to provide meals across the city.

“We solicited the help of family support services and other community volunteers to try to set up in geographical areas where a parent or kid can just walk outside their front door and maybe gain access to these meals,’ said Brown.

This is Family Support Services second year helping, but YAC students first year, helping Brown reach more who need these meals.

“With them volunteering, we also get to make different stops at different schools, but we’ll stop at a few different schools in the 79107 area,” said Simmons.

To find updates, and when and where volunteers will be, follow Tremaine Brown or Shi Lee’s Facebook pages, or click here.