Ruben on the Road: Bandolero Brewery in Clovis

Published: Mar. 3, 2023 at 9:42 AM CST
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CLOVIS, N.M. (KFDA) - Deep in the heart of Clovis, N.M. is a family-owned brewery.

Bandolero Brewery sits at 421 N. Main St.

“We’ve been open now for two years down here on Main Street in Clovis, we’re the first craft brewery that actually opened up down here in Clovis. So we’re kind of proud of that. And we’re glad to be a part of helping bring Main Street back to life,” said Andrew Logan, owner, Bandolero Brewery.

The building is also historic. It was built in 1930 and was previously a Dodge dealership.

“I think it’s great that we’re in Clovis, because we offer more than just a brewery and restaurant now. On some weekends, we offer trivia night, which has been real popular. A lot of people enjoy that,” said Kyle Logan, general manager, Bandolero Brewery.

They also have live music. Andrew Logan said this has been a passion years in the making.

“I always enjoyed going to breweries through most of my adult life. Something that’s really interesting to me was being able to make your own beer. I started making my own beer about 10 years ago. And, you know, just running a brewery is a lot like making beer at home, only you just have to make it a lot larger scale,” Andrew Logan said.

They said the brewery also keeps the business local.

“It’s important to support local businesses because local businesses give you a better, more personal more unique experience. We’re part of the community, too.” Andrew Logan said.

With the food, drinks and activities the brewery offers, people don’t have to travel far.

“Growing up, if you wanted to do anything, you’d have to go to Lubbock or Amarillo because that’s the closest place that has multiple things to do. But now that we are here, we saved people trips and they don’t have to drive as far to have some fun,” Kyle Logan said.