Xcel Energy’s Harrington Power Plant to convert to natural gas by 2025

Published: Feb. 23, 2023 at 5:29 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Xcel Energy plans to convert the coal powered Harrington Station to natural gas by 2025 to meet national air standards.

The Harrington plant has been producing coal powered energy since 1976, and is now transferring to natural gas energy in an effort to reduce their carbon emissions.

All three units at the plant were originally designed to burn both natural gas as well as coal, so cost for the company should have a low impact.

Workers say the believe that this change will have minimal cost impact on customers as well.

“Based on how the trend is on natural gas costs, we don’t expect this to impact to much on the customers bill,” said Superintendent Engineer, Steve Koskei.

Xcel energy says its goal for the future is to retire older gas units, add more wind and solar power, explore other renewable technologies and to be 100% carbon free by the year 2050.

Koskei says this change is needed to continue providing electricity for Amarillo and surrounding areas.

“Natural gas costs fluctuate but the commitment to the company to reduce carbon emissions and also you know maintain that low bill for the customers is also one of the drives that we have,” said Koskei.

Workers say they are excited and look forward to continue being a major producer of energy in this area.

We reached out to BNSF and local coal companies to see the impact this will have on their workflow, but they were unable to comment today.