Four day school weeks showing positive outcomes for Panhandle schools

Four day school weeks showing positive outcomes for Panhandle schools
Four day school weeks showing positive outcomes for Panhandle schools(WCAX)
Published: Feb. 16, 2023 at 5:02 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - As many schools consider four day weeks and hybrid weeks, districts in the Panhandle are seeing many positive impacts from academics, attendance, and behaviorally.

“It has been a very positive experience,” said Michelle Francis, Superintendent of Silverton ISD.

Silverton ISD is one of seven districts in the panhandle on hybrid or four day week and is in its second year.

The district says though, there were concerns when considering the switch but they have seen nothing but positive come from it.

“There were possible issues like for daycare or for feeding children and that has not come up as a problem at all. There has not been an issue,” said Francis.

Francis says daycare and missed meals are not an issue in the community due to some helping hands.

“We have some community members that babysat and so if they need to keep kids on Fridays they do it. We have one of the churches here that has what’s called God’s grocery store, so they can get free food from there if they need to,” said Francis.

Mentally the switch has been good said Kelton and Silverton ISD even said they have seen a drop in behavioral issues.

“The morale is much better the students and the teachers and faculty have a much better outlook. Overall, there’s less discipline issues we have. Everyone has a positive attitude,” said Francis.

Kelton ISD’s superintendent Leslie Berry says there has been “few if any negative comments, better academics and mentally things are good as well,” since the district went to a four day schedule.

Berry also stated in a phone call “teachers are happier, and moral is up. Students are happier, attendance, even through covid, is better. Academics are better, and mentally things are good as well.”

The districts that have made the switch say they can’t see going back to the ‘traditional’ five days a week.

“I think if we had to go back to the five day week, everyone would be very upset. So it’s been very good,” said Francis.