River Road High School teachers pitching in to help their own with library

VIDEO - River Road High School teachers pitching in to help their own with library
Published: Feb. 7, 2023 at 6:57 AM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - With inflation rising and wages struggling to keep up, River Road High School teachers have created a library for teachers.

Books have become expensive due to inflation and several teachers agree they don’t make enough money to splurge on books.

The library allows teachers to access a variety of books for free.

“We need to do something to where teachers who’ve already been overspent for so many reasons and don’t bring enough in have the opportunity to get a book and enjoy it and it doesn’t cost them a thing,” said Kasey Ruiz, English Learning Leader at River Road High School. “It’s just an opportunity for us to be able to get to something we really enjoy doing with little to no cost.”

We talked with another teacher in the district who says their paychecks aren’t enough to pay all their bills.

Along with the library helping teachers out financially, the space also allows teachers a quiet safe place to relax.

“Making time for yourself, especially as an educator is really hard,” said Ruiz. “Because even if you don’t bring paper time to grade you bring kids home, to think about and to worry about and that’s where a lot of our time, and money goes. So I think it’s a neat opportunity for teachers to have something that doesn’t cost them a thing.”

The books can be checked out and all are donated by teachers at the high school.

The current library holds over 50 books and they are also accepting books from the community.