‘It was just dumped on us’: River Road residents voicing concerns over tiny home village for homeless veterans

Published: Feb. 2, 2023 at 9:44 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Many residents voiced their concerns tonight over Potter County donating 10 acres of land to the non-profit, ‘Homeless Heroes’.

The land is on Willow Creek between Vinewood St. and the Potter County Fire Station 5.

The plan is to build a tiny home village for homeless veterans, along with a community center.

Over 100 area residents showed up and signed a petition against this tiny home village

“There was no questions asked, it was just dumped on us, that is what I wanna know, why was the community left out of it?,” asked a concerned resident.

The main concern expressed by residents is that they want to help veterans, but believe this location isn’t the best.

“They’re not close to any services, there’s no public transportation that runs to River Road, there’s not even sidewalks or shoulders on the roads out here, it’s very unsafe to be walking around,” said Chelsey Westfall, organizer and River Road resident.

Another concern expressed is the mental health of the homeless veterans.

Residents say with this location comes fireworks, the gun club, the bow and arrow club and the fire station, which could all be possible triggers for those with PTSD.

Many also say they believe this would decrease the value of their homes.

“That my veteran has worked so hard to make it his home, why would we want to take that away from him? I feel that one veteran isn’t more important than another,” said a concerned veteran’s wife.

Attendees say they want to support this project, but want it done the right way.

“We’d be happy to help find another location and many of us are tradesman we’d be happy to help with labor or donations, we think it’s a great project and we don’t wanna take anything away from the work Tiffaney has done.

Tiffaeny Belflower, the Founder of ‘Homeless Heroes’ says the non-profit will be hosting a meet and greet next week to listen and answer all of these concerns.

It will be February 7 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and the location is TBD.

Information on that meeting can be found here.

Potter County Commissioner, Precinct Three, John Coffee was also in attendance tonight.

He says this item is back on the agenda and will be discussed at the next county commissioners meeting on February 27.