‘It could lead to death’: Relationship-related stalking on the rise in Randall County

Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 8:15 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Randall County is seeing an uptick in the amount of stalking cases being reported and filed by the district attorney’s office.

There has also been a change in the types of stalking being seen.

The DA’s office says in the past, cases of stalking were more prone to perpetrators who were strangers, but now they’re seeing a rise in relationship-related stalking.

“You have an angry party or a despondent party who just can’t let go of the relationship,” said Robert Love, criminal district attorney, Randall County.

Love says he has seen some pretty scary scenarios.

“We’ve got people climbing in the backyards of people’s houses, and I mean, scary stuff and getting caught in the backyard, that’s just an example of one of the cases that we’ve had in the last few years and that’s kind of scary where they just stare into the back of the house and watch what you’re doing,” said Love.

It’s also more than just physical stalking, there has been a lot of stalking happening virtually.

“It’s not just ‘hey, how you doing? I’m checking in on you,’ it’s ‘what are you doing? Are you with someone else?’ They’re threats to kill you, threats to kill themselves, it’s anything you can do to manipulate someone into coming back into the relationship,” said Tracie Reilly, assistant criminal district attorney, Randall County.

Reilly says they are also seeing an increase with stalkers using tracking devices.

“They’re cheap, they attach magnetically, you can attach it to someone’s car and you can easily see where they are,” said Reilly.

If you think someone is tracking you, look on your car for the device.

You can also use your phone by pulling up Bluetooth and seeing if your phone is trying to connect to any devices.

If you find one or are experiencing any other form of stalking, call 911. The DA’s office says stalking is nothing to mess with.

“It could go into something more than just stalking, it could lead to violence, it could lead to death and if you don’t take care of it and at least address the issue, then it could go to a level that someone gets hurt,” said Love.