GOOD NEWS: Good News around NewsChannel 10

Published: Dec. 30, 2022 at 8:00 AM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Many negative or bad stories make the news, but there’s a lot of good news stories out there, you just have to ask people.

“I have a new nephew as of this year. First boy in the family actually, so that’s pretty exciting for us.” said Sydney Hatfield.

“My good news is that I got married this year,” said Kaitlin Zamora.

“I graduated from WT and started reporting here at NewsChannel 10.” said Nicole Williams.

“For me the good news is that my buddy Gary is out of the hospital. He was kind of in that one percent of people that really had trouble with COVID and it’s been a long journey but he’s on the mend.” said Drew Hicks.

“I graduated from Texas A&M University, moved to Amarillo and started working for Newschannel10,” said Devyn Darmstetter.

“My fiance and I finally picked out a date to get married and we’re doing out registration today and our website today for everything,” said Byron Jernigan.

My good news is that i got to start working at NewsChannel 10 and meet all of my wonderful co-workers,” said KyLeah Frazier.

“Of course I’m excited, I’m gonna be getting married here at the end of the year so that’s a bit of good news for my life,” said Shelden Breshears.

“So some good news that’s going on in my life is i’m a big fan of he hockey team, the L.A. Kings and they’ve been doing really well and it’s looking like they’re gonna have a really good year and i’m excited to watch the rest of the season,” said Zach Kaminkow.

“The best good news of all for me arrived on June 29th when I became a father for the first time with a healthy baby boy,” said Alex Ricarte.

“I graduated college, started working at NewsChannel 10 and got to share so many amazing people’s stories,” said Alyssa Riggs.

“Because my husband is really good after a major surgery a couple months ago,” said Nuvia Zambrano.

“My good news is Ruben on the road and another year at NewsChannel 10,” said Ruben Flores.

“We have hand picked the best people that the Panhandle has to offer and I have the privilege of working with them here a channel 10 each and every day,” said Shawn Venhaus.

“My little brother got married last month so i’ve got a new sister-in-law and i also just got back from a wonderful trip to London so this year’s been pretty good for me, I think this next year is gonna be event better,” said Jacob Cain.

There was some pretty good news this year, both big and small, and we plan to find plenty more good news in 2023.