Good News: Elementary school decorates its hallways with Christmas cheer

Published: Dec. 15, 2022 at 10:00 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Mesa Verde Elementary has literally been transformed into a magical holiday wonderland.

“We were just trying to think of something to get the kids excited and get the teachers excited and we decided to have some holiday spirit. So last year, it just turned into something a lot bigger than we thought. Next thing you know, we have lights and balloons and this year its event gotten bigger,” said Ginny Smith, principal, Mesa Verde Elementary School.

Virtually every hallway in the building has been decorated to the max with various holiday themes.

“This hallway is Christmas around the world and our ESL department put this together. We’ve got a lot of representation here at Mesa Verde and so what we tried to do was try to find special things of each culture,” Smith said.

Another hallway is Whoville, Smith showed, made by fifth grade students. They created the artwork and decorated the walls.

The students participated in the design, production, and construction of the décor which included Whoville, Christmas around the world, a Candy Cane Lane, Santa’s post office, a reindeer row, a penguin hallway and more.

“And now welcome to Christmas in Mexico,” Smith said, while showing another hallway.

The décor has instilled an obvious sense of excitement and pride among the students.

“I really think that the fourth and fifth grade did really good,” said Kenith Vance, second grader, Mesa Verde Elementary School.

One of the teachers said how much this means to them.

“Oh they love it, they love coming in and seeing it, especially when it’s something new with lights, and they get to turn off the lights so they really, really enjoy it. It’s just a lot of fun seeing all of the decorations it really helps them,” said Ty Scott, third grade teacher, Mesa Verde Elementary School.

Another student shared the Christmas cheer they put into their hallways.

“Right now the school is very colorful and decorative and its very in the spirit right now. Its really fun, we get to decorate the halls and plus it makes the other kids feel welcome,” said Emily Seidell, fifth grader, Mesa Verde Elementary School.

Smith said their students are proud of the hallways.

“Its neat to see the kids when we put something up when they go home. They come in and the lights are turned on or they see something new, they’re mesmerized by it and they enjoy it and they talk about it and they’re proud of the hallways,” Smith said.

The students shared their excitement for others to see the decorations.

“When they get here they are gonna be impressed by this hallway,” Vance said.

The decorations are a lot of fun and kind of kicks off the three holiday week. The children and the teachers tell me that’s some pretty good news.