18 people make the 100th Amarillo Police Academy

The 100th Amarillo Police Academy starts today
Published: Dec. 8, 2022 at 5:00 PM CST|Updated: Dec. 8, 2022 at 6:28 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Today is a big day for the Amarillo Police Department and 18 hard working individuals: It’s the first day of the 100th Amarillo Police Academy.

“That we work together as a team. That’s my biggest want and expectation for the 100th is that we will be known for our teamwork, that we will stick together and we will stay together,” says Sarah Dimas, recruit for the 100th Academy.

Over 130 applicants applied and only 18 made it through the variety of tests and evaluations to be apart of the 100th police academy.

“Well today is a really big day for for the Amarillo Police Department as a whole. It’s the start of our 100th Amarillo Police Academy,” says Sheldon West, training Sgt. for APD.

There are a total of seven steps applicants go through to be a recruit:

  1. A Civil Service Entrance Exam
  2. A Physical Readiness Test
  3. An in-depth Background Check
  4. A Polygraph or Computerized Voice Stress Analyzer
  5. An Interview in front of The Board
  6. An Interview with Chief of Police Martin Birkenfeld
  7. Psychological Evaluation

“So each one of those steps is instrumental in us actually giving the citizens of Amarillo the police officer that they expect,” says Sgt. West.

When asked what she is most looking forward to, new recruit Sarah Dimas answered, “my goal is to serve the community. I want to give them the best example of the police department. Once we hit the streets, we represent the city of Amarillo, and I want to make sure we represent them well.”

The 100th Police Academy recruits will graduate next November.

“It’s momentous for the entire police department, so they have a little bit of added pressure put on them. Everybody knows it is the 100th police academy, it’s historic for us. So they have a lot to live up to and I think this group, knowing all their backgrounds, I think this group has it in them,” says Sgt. West.

Congratulations to all of the recruits for getting into the Amarillo Police Academy:

  • Flor Arroyo
  • Yadira Arroyo
  • Joshua Brassfield
  • Patrick Burley
  • Ryan Cole (Randall County)
  • Raquel Davila
  • Sarah Dimas
  • Zachary Enriquez
  • Rene Flores
  • Alexis Gonzales
  • Patrick Holloway
  • Luis Ibarra
  • Justin Jones
  • Chester Ligon
  • Jay Nelson
  • Kevin Ortiz (Potter County)
  • Ruben Robledo (Potter County)
  • Cameron Suffield