Several Panhandle schools moved to 4-day school week’s to help raise attendance

video: Several Panhandle schools moved to 4-day school week’s to help raise attendance
Published: Nov. 17, 2022 at 5:58 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Seven rural Panhandle schools have moved to Hybrid and four day school weeks to help raise attendance, and help with off days for teachers and staff.

Groom ISD began its hybrid school week this year, but are facing some challenges along with the positives that the change has brought.

“We tried to take those days that we could miss for a week and apply it to certain places on the calendar that we thought would make sense. In terms of academics, athletics, Its gone well,” said Tony Dodson, Principle of Groom High School.

Groom says they made the change to help attendance, and allow students and teachers days off for personal appointments.

“When you know in advance that we’re not going to be here on a Monday or we’re not going to be here on a Friday, you can plan ahead. So you should be able to get in to see that the orthodontist or whoever you need to see,” said Tony Dodson.

Tony Dodson, Principle of Groom, says though the change has worked, and is going well, the current schedule is not working for them.

Though groom doesn’t have exact numbers yet, it has seen an increase in students attendance with the hybrid schedule.

The new schedule has had some issues however the lack of continuity has been causing some issues.

“What we didn’t realize at the time was that there will be some gaps that would be there and those gaps are the major point of contention now. We will adjust to a schedule that still involves four day weeks, but we will have the days mapped out in an orderly fashion, so we can say that there is some consistency and some continuity,” said Tony Dodson.

Mr. Dodson says the district is looking at adjusting the hybrid schedule to be come consistent and remove some gaps but will be continuing with it due to the benefits.